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Rules and regulations


Punctuality is of utmost importance at Digitate School & college System. The school starts at 07:45am. Pupils arriving after 7:50 am will allowed in, but will charged a fine of Rs. 30/- to 50/- per late coming. Children reaching school after 1st period will sent back to home.


Regular attendance is of prime significance. Whenever a child misses school on account of unavoidable circumstances, parents should not expect the teachers to go over the lessons missed when the child returns.


In case a child is sick with a minor illness, the school office should be informed. In case of prolonged illness, or when a child is suffering from disease, a medical certificate will required along with the written application. In case off infectious disease, the doctor should certify that the contagious period is over. Applications for longer leave in case of vacations, family weddings and other personal matters will approved by the school management previously in form of written application.

In case of long absences, getting the missed out work covered will not be the responsibility of the school. Though we will facilitate, it will be the parents’ responsibility to copy out the work from the class work and homework diaries. For primary students, the students themselves will be responsible for completion of missed out work. Going over the lessons with the absent pupil depends upon the free time available to the teacher during the games and art periods or after school.


Please inform the school admin office any time you need to confer with your child’s teacher or the management concerning any issues. It is best not to discuss these in your child’s presence at home. Please do not ask the teachers for their telephone numbers as they are not allowed to give these to parents. Please seek an appointment with the teacher in school and feel free to discuss your child’s progress. Please note that the teachers will be available for meeting 7:30 am to 8:00 am in weekdays and on Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm only.


Student is supposed to come neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform. Girls will not allowed to wear any jewelry items or any fancy hair accessories. Boys will not allowed to wear chains, lockets or rings etc. Girls with long hair must keep it tied back and only white or black barrettes or bands etc allowed. Boys hair must be short, well-groomed and off the collar. Children should not wear expensive watches, as the school will not be responsible for the loss of valuables.

Personal Hygiene:

Children are required to come to school in neat clothes and undergarments, and clipped nails. The school conducts regular hygiene checks on students. Head lice is considered as a serious health problem and a child will be required to stay home until he or she is completely free of it.

Early pickup:

Parents are required to inform the school office in advance in writing or though a phone call if a child is to be picked during school hours. An early pick up slip will have to sign by the person coming to collect the child.


Our Student are generally well-behaved and accept responsibility for their actions. They are trained to use the school facilities e.g. furniture, equipment’s, computer lab and library books carefully.However, a fine will charge for deliberate damage to stationery, equipment or school property. If a student fails to show an improvement in behavior after these measures, he/ she will suspend from school for a specific number of days and a warning letter issued. Any act of indiscipline after the issuance of three warnings will dealt with seriously and may lead to expulsion from the school.

(The principal will determine the seriousness level of the act after consultation with the school faculty). Student does not allow to carry any prohibited items such as toys etc.), fancy stationary items (such as Glitter pens etc.) , CD’s, magazines, or cash in his / her bag. Mobile phone, ipods, walkmans or similar items will not allowed to bring in school.

Late fee fine:

In case the school fees are not paid by the due date, late payment charges will be applicable. If the school fees will not paid over the given period the student is not allow to take the examinations. If the fees will remain unpaid, the name of student will be strike off from the roll.