(3 months)

Module 1

Module 2

Introduction to PC & window

MS power point 2010

Enhancement of typing skill

Internet (introduction & mailing)

MS word 2010 (Advance Graphic)

Advance Internet

MS excel 2010 (Advance formulas)

In page 2009

Mail merge & Avery stickers

Intro to Win 7 & Win 8

How to use web browser (settings)

Windows and Driver Installation

Advance IT & Office

In this Course, you will learn how to achieve several tasks:

  • Understand the basic I/O operations and Basic parts of Computer
  • Understand and use MS word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Power point for office purposes.
  • Learn how to do efficient internet surfing for various purposes.
  • Set-up email accounts and learn various techniques to use them effectively
  • Learn how to do efficient English typing Speed.
  • Advance their skills for working effectively in teams and boost their confidence for public communication and presentations.

Course Content Duration Outline

1st Month

Introduction To Computer

Typing speed

2nd Month

MS Word 2010/2013

MS Power Point 2010/2013

3rd Month

MS Excel 2010

MS Access 2010

4th Month

MS outlook 2010/2013

Internet & Online Education

5th Month

MS Project 2010

Introduction to programming

6th Month

Programming language